Our History

Fredericton Region Solid Waste is a division of Regional Service Commission 11 (RSC 11). The commission is governed by a Board of Directors accountable to all communities within its region and is comprised of the Mayors of municipalities and rural communities and representatives of the unincorporated areas. Unincorporated area representation is made up of locally-elected Local Service District Advisory Committee Chairs.

The commission is mandated to provide the following services: regional planning, local planning in Local Service Districts, solid waste management, regional policing collaboration, regional emergency measures planning as well as regional sport, recreational and cultural infrastructure planning and cost-sharing.

Fredericton Region Solid Waste became part of the RSC 11 Jan. 1, 2013. Prior to that, FRSW was governed by its own commission which was established in 1986 and was the first of its kind in the province. The role of the former commission consisted of providing long-range planning, approving annual operating budgets and capital expenditures; establishing the tipping fee each year, creating policies, maintaining liaisons with other commissions in the province and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The following is a list of cities, towns, villages and local service districts within RSC 11:

  • Blissville (LSD/DSL)
  • Bright (LSD/DSL)
  • Burton (LSD/DSL)
  • Cambridge (LSD/DSL)
  • Cambridge-Narrows (Village)
  • Canning (LSD/DSL)
  • Chipman (LSD/DSL)
  • Chipman (Village)
  • Clarendon (LSD/DSL)
  • Douglas (LSD/DSL)
  • Dumfries (LSD/DSL)
  • Estey’s Bridge (LSD/DSL)
  • Fredericton (City/Cité)
  • Fredericton Junction (Village)
  • Gagetown (Village)
  • Gladstone (LSD/DSL)
  • Hampstead (LSD/DSL)
  • Hanwell (LSD/DSL)
  • Keswick Ridge (LSD/DSL)
  • Kingsclear (LSD/DSL)
  • Lincoln (LSD/DSL)
  • Maugerville (LSD/DSL)
  • Millville (Village)
  • Minto (Village)
  • Nackawic (Town/Ville)
  • New Maryland (LSD/DSL)
  • New Maryland (Village)
  • Noonan (LSD/DSL)
  • Northfield (LSD/DSL)
  • Oromocto (Town/Ville)
  • Prince William (LSD/DSL)
  • Queensbury (LSD/DSL)
  • Rusagonis-Waasis (LSD/DSL)
  • Saint Marys (LSD/DSL)
  • Sheffield (LSD/DSL)
  • Southampton (LSD/DSL)
  • Stanley (LSD/DSL)
  • Stanley (Village)
  • Tracy (Village)
  • Upper Gagetown (LSD/DSL)
  • Waterborough (LSD/DSL)
  • Wirral-Enniskillen

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