Committee Meetings

CRSC Planning Standing Committees

Upcoming Committee Meetings:

Economic Expansion Committee – Monday, June 17th at 4pm

Committee Appointments

Budget & Finance Committee:

This committee’s main responsibility is to monitor the financial performance of the commission and to prepare and recommend an annual budget to the Board
  • Richard Corey – Chair
  • Kevin Nicklin – Vice Chair
  • David Hayward
  • Tim Fox
  • Kate Rogers
  • David Duplessis

Audit Committee:

This Committee meets on an as-needed basis to review and assess matters of risk for the Corporation including oversight of the annual independent financial audit.
  • Dale Mowry – Chair
  • Judy Wilson-Shee – Vice Chair
  • David Duplessis
  • Derek Pleadwell
  • Robert Powell
  • Len Falconer

Public Safety:

This Committee’s main responsibility is to receive & consolidate input & advice on the region’s policing & security needs to the Board of Directors and law enforcement agencies.
  • Dave Morrison – Chair
  • Robert Powell – Vice Chair
  • Andrew McLean
  • Andrew Ferris
  • Colin Trail

Oversight Committee:

The Committee serves as a channel for both the Board and CEO to address effective performance practices and meets on an “as needed” basis.
  • Robert Powell– Chair
  • Judy Wilson-Shee- Vice Chair
  • Richard Corey

Governance Committee:

This Committee has primary responsibility for ensuring the adequacy and currency of the governance structure of the Board with duties that include reviewing by-laws, monitoring training practices, and evaluating the functioning of the Board.
  • David Sweeney – Chair
  • Robert Powell – Vice Chair
  • Dave Morrison
  • Kate Rogers
  • Richard Corey
  • Judy Wilson-Shee

Community Development Committee:

This Committee will ensure a coherent regional vision and plan in areas such as regional transportation, affordable housing, newcomer settlement services and diversity promotion, social inclusion and healthy communities.
  • David Hayward – Chair
  • Robert Simpson – Vice Chair
  • Sheryl Pepin
  • Lorraine Dawe
  • Tim Fox, Hanwell
  • Tim Scammell
  • Kate Rogers

Economic Expansion Committee:

This Committee will provide a forum for cooperation and the establishment of common goals and strategies focused on economic growth with a particular emphasis on but not limited to regional economic development, regional tourism, workforce development, newcomer retention, and investment ready communities.
  • Kevin Nicklin – Chair
  • David Hayward – Vice Chair
  • Sheridan Mawhinney
  • Paul Mennier
  • Susan Jonah
  • Victoria Green
  • Greg Ericson

Regional Infrastructure Committee:

This Committee shall identify, in accordance with the Regional Service Delivery Act regulations, the sport, recreational and cultural infrastructure in the region and the sport, recreational and cultural infrastructure that will be required in the region in the future.
  • Derek Pleadwell – Chair
  • David Duplessis – Vice Chair
  • Kate Rogers
  • John Jackson
  • Marty Forsythe
  • Grant Sinclair
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